Understanding Child Custody Law in Lee’s Summit, MO

Understanding Child Custody Law in Lee’s Summit, MO

A time may arise in the life of a parent or other person when legal means will have to be taken to get custody of a child or children. It could be due to a divorce or legal separation, a revealing of a person being the biological parent of a child, or a person not related to the child seeking custody for various reasons. A lawyer who practices Child Custody Law in Lee’s Summit MO wants clients to understand the process in Missouri. Here is a look at the legal process involving child custody in Missouri.

Child Custody Laws in Missouri

As with the other states and commonwealths, Missouri explores the best interests of the child or children when determining who gets the custody. The courts will also look at the mental and physical well-being of each party involved in the matter as well as taking into consideration the desires of the child or children. The courts will look with caution into situations that involve neglect or abuse of the children and any history of domestic violence in the family.

More on Child Custody Laws in Missouri

When custody arrangements are being considered, there are many options available, including but not limited to giving sole custody to one parent (both legal and physical). There is also the arrangement where there is joint physical custody with one parent having legal custody or joint legal custody and sole physical custody to one parent. There are also rights considered for grandparents and visitation rights, which all will be measured against the best interests of the child or children involved. Finally, there are circumstances where custody will be granted to third parties if it becomes necessary.

A Law Firm in Missouri

A person, parent, or other people can find many attorneys who practice family law in the State of Missouri. The Law Office of Dana M. Outlaw is a law firm that practices family law in Lee’s Summit, including child custody law. If a potential client is looking for a law firm that will clarify Child Custody Law in Lee’s Summit MO, the law firm is available. Visit the website for more information. You can also visit them on their YouTube Channel.