Using a Professional Repair Person Can Be the Best Way to Have a Garage Door Fixed in Frisco

Using a Professional Repair Person Can Be the Best Way to Have a Garage Door Fixed in Frisco

Having a garage door that will not open can be a very difficult situation for the majority of homeowners. When this situation occurs, most people know to check that the remote in the battery do not need changing or that the unit is receiving power. However, beyond these routine checks, many homeowners do not know what else they can check on their own. Many times to get their garage door fixed in Frisco, a homeowner will need to call a repair company that specializes in garage door repairs for assistance.

When a repair person is called to repair a garage door that will not open one of the first things they will need to do is to determine if the problem is with the door or the opener. This can generally be determined by pulling the emergency release rope on the opener so that the trolley can move freely on the carriage. This should allow the door to be opened manually. If it does not, then the issue is most likely a problem with the tracks that run along the sides of the garage doorway.

Most systems rely on tracks to guide the rollers on the garage door. Rollers are attached to the sides of the garage door and they fit into the tracks so that the door is able to move up and down. If the tracks are too dirty then the rollers may not be able to move and this can prevent the door from opening. Tracks can generally be cleaned with a cloth and a household cleaner. The repair person will generally try cleaning the tracks and then lubricating the rollers with a heavy duty silicone spray. While this task is performed, he or she will also be performing a visual inspection of the tracks to determine if there is any damage to the tracks, which could be contributing to the issue.

If the technician notices any damage to the tracks, then he or she will need to try to assess whether it can be corrected with a rubber mallet or if the damage is so extensive that the track may need to be replaced. Tracks that are in good condition while the door will still not open correctly may have shifted out of proper alignment. They can be realigned by loosening the bolts and screws that hold the track in place, then re-positioning the tracks back into proper placement.

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