What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

The period after an accident can seem like a whirlwind of emotions and confusion. Depending on the type of accident you experience, you may need to find a Motorcycle accidents lawyer in Brooklyn, NY. Before employing a personal injury lawyer, you should be aware of exactly what they will do for you. The following is a brief description of jobs that will be performed by your lawyer.

After Your Accident

The primary job of the lawyer immediately following your accident is to gain as much information about the accident as possible and then build a case on the gathered information. The lawyer has to determine if you have any fault in the accident or if you were completely victimized. Whether or not the case will hold up in a court of law is one of the major decisions that you lawyer will have to make. After deciding if the case is worth pursuing, the lawyer must then estimate what type of settlement they should seek on your behalf. If you decide to pursue the case, the lawyer will then begin the process to file the claim.

Filing the Claim

The biggest benefit to having a lawyer file this claim is the fact that they have experience in previous cases and know the deadlines that need to be met to get the claim processed. In many states there is strict statute of limitations, which limit the time a victim has to file when related to personal injury claims. The biggest mistake most victims of these cases make is waiting too long, subsequently losing out on any settlement they are entitled.


If your case makes it to court, your lawyer will be more valuable than ever. Generally, the insurance company of the defendant will try to pay out the smallest sum of money possible in order to protect their bottom line. The job of your lawyer is to fight for the right amount of money and not settle for less. The information gathered after your accident will be very important during the court process and will show how you were victimized.

There are many different types of personal injury lawyers who specialize in different types of injury. A lawyer specializing in automotive accidents is different from a Slip and Fall Attorney in Brooklyn, NY, and vice versa. Finding the right personal injury lawyer for your case is essential if you plan to have a successful outcome.


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