What Kind of Medical Chart Paper Are You Looking For? Types and Styles

What Kind of Medical Chart Paper Are You Looking For? Types and Styles

When you think of medical charts, you think of the papers that used to sit on clipboards dangling from the foot ends of patient beds. Although the practice of leaving patient charts dangling by each patient’s feet is passe, medical chart paper is still in use. If you are responsible for ordering medical supplies for your hospital or medical facility, you should know a few things about medical chart paper types and styles.

Rolled vs. Folded

Rolled medical paper is typically mounted on cardboard tubing so that it can fit into a medical graphing machine. The folded paper may or may not print out the same way as rolled, but the folded paper is also used as tear-off sections for various charting tasks. Different folds and sizes of rolls of these papers are available.

Preprinted vs. Blank

The pre-printed chart paper often has a red or blue grid on it. It is used for cardio readings or brain wave activity measurements. Blank paper can be used for almost any medical task but may be accompanied by a roller of “ink” that heat-transfers measurement lines as it prints. It helps to use the recommended paper type with the medical equipment you have in-house.

Video Imaging Paper vs. Graphing Paper

Video imaging paper is for taking x-rays and pictures of injuries. Undoubtedly your clinic sees enough injuries every week to need this kind of paper. The graphing paper is for any medical machine that takes a measurement of different organ and bodily function activity levels.

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