Why Would You Buy Montana West Handbags?

Why Would You Buy Montana West Handbags?

Handbags are slowly becoming a ladies’ must have accessory. They are the ultimate fashion accessories, to help you make a fashion statement as well as conveniently carry your daily necessities. Based on different handbag selection considerations, Montana West Handbags are some of the best handbags in the market today. These handbags are trendy, fashionable and convenient to carry. They feature a concealed handgun pocket, allowing you to carry a handgun in the purse without anyone noticing. Additionally, the handbag is made of tooled genuine leather and high-quality PU leather. To enhance their attractiveness, the purses are decorated with gorgeous floral embroidery and lines of silver studs.

Ability to Discreetly Carry a Handgun

While buying a handbag, you do not have to sacrifice safety for style. With the Montana west range of handbags, you can not only store your firearm discreetly, but also in a place where it is readily available. Again, the handbag is also fashionable. The purse has a spacious main compartment that is subdivided into two more compartments by a full-length zippered pocket. Additionally, the handbag has two more open pockets, as well as a small pocket that is zipped. At the back of the bag, there is an open bag. This rich and classy handbag comes with two handles.

Ideal Bag Specifications

Basically, the bag measures 14.5” x 4” x 10.5” and has two drop straps, measuring 10” long. Montana West Handbags have a concealed carry compartment that is situated at the back of the bag. This concealed carry pocket has a right vertical access and measures 9.5″ by 5″. This makes the handbag capable of carrying both small and large-framed handguns.

Owing to the patent protected design of the bag, there is no need for a holster. The handgun compartment of the bag is also designed in the shape of a gun, such that the barrel of the handgun is sufficiently supported by the bag. This prevents the gun from tilting downwards. This also allows for easy release of the gun from its compartment.


The popularity of these handbags among their users may be attributed to their attractive features, such as:

  • A zipper closure top and a magnet snap closure

  • A zipper closure pocket and an open pocket at the back to conceal a gun

  • Three compartments with the middle one being zipped

  • Double flat handles

  • Has built-in feet to help it stand without causing wear to the bottom of the bag

  • It is available in three main color options; Coffee, Red and black

If you love carrying a handgun for your own safety and would love a stylish handbag that will conceal it, the Montana West Handbags are the best handbags for you.