Upholstery Fabric- The Way It’s Supposed to Be

Upholstery Fabric- The Way It’s Supposed to Be

You have some beautiful walls, but they lack that amazing design and you are not quite sure what but you are sure there is something missing. It needs a new look to it, only what kind of look is it in need of exactly. You call your decorator and you get them to look at it and help you pick out upholstery fabric that will bring it to life with a new look. That is when it is time to get somebody that will help you make the right choice when it comes to the perfect wallcovering for you. There are many different items today that we have that use upholstery and some so common we might not even think about it. It is a trend in big fashion cities to have almost everything you own have custom upholstery applied to it. You can add that custom touch to just about anything. Perhaps your business is in need of upholstery fabric walls to help reduce noise and make for an overall quieter work environment.  It is common to see these walls in office buildings or rooms where acoustics need consideration. There are many great reasons for using upholstery fabric on your walls. Making sure that you get a quality that will last is very crucial.

Sustainability, Performance and All the Pretty Stuff!

When considering upholstery fabric one of the most important factors is the sustainability and the durability of the material that you are purchasing. The first item to consider is whether you need indoor or outdoor fabric. Upholstery fabric is available in anti-microbial and anti-bacterial material. When it comes to sustainability, some common options include low-emitting, recycled content, HPD and made in the USA.

The color palette available for upholstery fabric is phenomenal. With such a large selection available you are guaranteed to find the color you are looking for. The same applies to the patterns and materials that are available. Some common materials that are available include Bella-Dura, Polyester, Polyurethane and Vinyl. When looking at patterns the options are many. Some of the more trending patterns include damask, organic, exotic, animal print and abstract.

More Variety Equals More Decisions

As with most items this day there are a large variety of options available to the consumer. The most common factors looked at are color, pattern and material. Some of the common materials used in upholstery fabric are suede, polyester and vinyl. When it comes to color, you cannot go wrong with the choices that are available. These choices include but are definitely not limited to, burgundy, browns, black, blue, aqua, purple, pink, orange and many more. Solid colors not your thing? No worries, the varieties are just as abundant with patterns as they are with colors. Some of the most popular patterns are animal print, florals, damask, plaids and stripes.

Whether you decided on the blue polyester or the animal print suede, you are guaranteed to love the results of your finished product for years to come.

Covering it All

Having the most knowledge you can have to help you make a more informed purchase will give you the edge in selecting the number one wallcoverings for your home or business. You will love your new upholstery wall covering and enjoy the benefits of it for years to come. Do your research and go wild the possibilities are limitless.