3 Strategies For Choosing E Liquid Flavors For Friends

3 Strategies For Choosing E Liquid Flavors For Friends

For those people that have friends and family members that enjoy vaping, giving a selection of e liquid flavors for Christmas, birthdays, thank you gifts or just because is always a gift that is much appreciated.

Many people don’t give nicotine juice as a gift because they have difficulties in choosing a flavor that their friends will enjoy. Really, choosing e liquid flavors that will be a hit is very simple if you just use your powers of observation or are a bit creative the next time you are with the person.

E Liquid Flavors of Foods and Beverages

If you are around a friend or coworker that vapes all you have to do is watch what they choose when they order food and beverages to get a good idea of the best e cigarette liquid flavors for that individual.

People that tend to order the same types of foods, especially tasty desserts and sweets will typically enjoy the sweeter and creamier dessert flavored liquids. If they enjoy tropical drinks or seem to like citrus flavors there are e cigarette liquids that fall into those categories as well.

The Best E Cigarette Liquid Flavors for Smokers

You may be giving the gift of an e-cig starter kit to a friend. If they are traditional tobacco users choosing a tobacco flavored or a tobacco blend type of flavor is a great option. This will allow them to enjoy the taste they are familiar with and then, pairing that with a more exotic flavor, you can allow them to try something completely new.

Another strategy to utilize is to let your friend try out a few of your favorite e liquid flavors. If you use a Mt. Baker Vapor drip tip you can try multiple types of nicotine juice and just keep track of which ones receive a positive rating. This will allow you to get a good idea of the style of e-juice they will enjoy.

At Mt. Baker Vapor there is a huge inventory of different types of nicotine juice flavors from single flavors to complex blends. By understanding the person’s currently likes in flavors and foods you can find just he perfect combination of e-liquids to give as a gift for any occasion.