A plumbing emergency can happen to anyone

Plumbing is one of things in your home that can fail at any moment, when you look at a pipe, there is no way for you to know if it’s about to burst nor is there any way to forecast that the drain is about to back up and overflow. When these things happen they can happen at any time of the day or night and when they do the first thing most people do is to contact their emergency plumbers in Murrieta CA.

However, is it really necessary to call out a plumber in the middle of the night or are there things that you can do to stave off the plumber until the following day when he will be charging normal day rates and not double or triple the rate.

Can it wait?

In the event of a plumbing problem, day or night, the first thing to do is to turn off the water to the fixture that appears to have failed in some manner. If water is running out of a fixture, isolate it by closing the valve that feeds the water to the fixture. If you cannot identify the source of the water then turn off the main valve, closing the incoming water to the entire house.

You are now in a better position to analyze the situation and determine if you must call the Emergency Plumbers In Murrieta CA or whether it can wait until morning. If the problem is an overflowing toilet, isolating it from the water supply will stop the damage; the repair can wait as long as there is no need to flush. If this is the sole toilet in the house, it may need to be repaired urgently, however, if there is another toilet the repair can wait. This is true with sinks as well; if the bathroom sink is overflowing, turn off the water supply and use the kitchen sink in the meantime.

Make the call:

If you have a true emergency and the repair cannot wait then you have no option but to call the emergency plumbers in Murrieta CA. When you do call, describe the problem in detail so that they are in a better position to provide the possible cost of the repair. Visit 866myfamily.com for more details.

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