No one wants to get old but everyone has to and with aging comes wrinkles and the losing of volume in your cheeks. This can really kill some people’s confidence and they will try anything and everything to get their face back to how it used to be 10 years ago. Most people will turn to “miracle creams” which can cost hundreds of dollars with no or little results. This can be disappointing so instead of going through the heartbreak caused by those creams, turn to Voluma instead. Voluma in South Atlanta is known to bring back all of the volume in your cheeks and reduce wrinkles, making you look so much younger and energized!

How it Works

Getting a procedure done with Voluma is easy and pretty painless. You first decide on which part of your face you want to have more volume; though Voluma is typically recommended for your cheeks, it can be used on other parts of your face. You then make an appointment with your surgeon to talk about your decision, how much volume you want in that area, and set a date for your injection. Once your date is set, you then go in to the surgeon’s office and you get Voluma injected directly under your skin. Since Voluma is made with a substance that is naturally found in your skin, there is no worrying about whether or not the gel will be bad for you. One thing you do need to keep in mind that with any surgery, there will be some sort of side effect. With Voluma, it is common to experience slight swelling, redness in the area of injection, minor pain, and some itching. These are all common but it is important to keep them monitored in case it gets any worse; if it does, contact your surgeon immediately.

If you are looking to get Voluma in South Atlanta, contact Bella Medical Aesthetics, PC.

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