Can I Mix Different Brands of Motor Oil?

One of the most common questions that come up for a European motor oil supplier in Florida is whether it is acceptable to use two different brands of motor oil in the same engine. There are many conflicting answers out there about this particular question. We’ll provide an educated answer to this below, as well as some answers to other questions that come up regularly.

Mixing Two Motor Oils Together

Your vehicle is not going to explode, stop running, or otherwise suffer tragedy if you choose to mix one oil brand with another oil brand. You can also mix a conventional oil with synthetic oil, which in essence makes it a synthetic blend, without major problems. In most cases, synthetics are entirely compatible with conventional oils and can be mixed.

Extra Considerations

However, you should know that each brand and type of oil has its performance benefits and lifespan. Mixing two oils can alter those factors. Oils are also specially blended to do specific things. If they are mixed, this can also throw off the effect you might get from one or the other if you used it alone. So, while it isn’t suggested to mix oils, it can be done. Many people will have no negative experiences doing so.

Motor Oil and Warranty Concerns

Another common question heard by your local European motor oil supplier is whether using an unbranded motor oil can break the warranty with a dealership. The answer is a resounding no. It is not allowed for this to be a part of a warranty. That said, a certain level of oil may be required so make sure to double check your paperwork to know for sure.

Additives Effect on Engines

Some people have heard that using additives in their oil can help their performance go higher. This is also not the truth. Engines are made with the protection they need to handle the performance promised by the manufacturer. Additives can lessen the performance of your engine instead. That’s because they dilute the oil and reduce its quality. It may also violate your warranty so beware.

European Motor Oil Supplier in Florida

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