Characteristics Of The Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders are industrial equipment workhorses. They perform together with diverse equipment to empower various functions – toting, lifting and moving, across a wide spectrum of industrial equipment. While they all present a similar face to the world, one is more unique. This is the hydraulic telescopic cylinder.

Basic Description

Telescoping hydraulic cylinders are a type of actuator (a component of equipment accountable for controlling and moving a specific mechanism or system). Some companies and engineers refer to them as multistage or telescopic hydraulic cylinders. These devices display certain characteristics that set them apart from other hydraulic cylinders. The most obvious is entrenched in its name. It is telescopic.

A telescopic hydraulic cylinder possesses cylindrical rods – also called sleeves or stages – that extend. Numbering as many as six and as little as four, they stretch out the entire length of the cylinder. Like a nesting or babushka doll, these tube-shaped rods nestle one within the other in increasingly smaller sizes. This allows them to extend or contract when necessary.

Such a characteristic makes them a favorite for certain applications. In particular, they are in demand where mounting space is tight, and maneuverability is limited. They also operate effectively in a variety of large construction-related and heavy equipment including as a component of

  • Aerial platforms
  • Cranes
  • Dump trucks
  • Excavators
  • Forklifts
  • Garbage trucks
  • Oil drilling rigs
  • Transfer trailers


The hydraulic telescopic cylinder comes in two types. These are:

  1. Single acting
  2. Double acting

Both provide a long stroke. Both offer certain benefits. However, in popularity, the single acting version is more popular.


The market for hydraulic cylinders is strong. Companies need these devices to ensure the proper functioning of their equipment. In manufacturing, construction and a variety of other industries, the hydraulic telescopic cylinder plays a vital role. It operates efficiently and with a high degree of functionality in some very adverse environments.

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