Five Things You Should Know About Hot Water Heaters and Boilers: Hot Water Boilers in Westfield, NJ

In order to choose the best water heating system for your home, you should first outline a budget and features you need. Then, professionals can work with you to find the best unit to suit you and the needs of your home. Before you begin, here are 5 things you should know about hot water heaters and boilers.

Hot Water Heaters and Boilers Are Not the Same

Though hot water heaters and hot water boilers are similar, they are not the same. Hot water heaters heat water for use, usually using fuel such as gas. Hot water boilers, on the other hand, heat water to the point of boiling so the water can be used as well as the steam for other purposes.

Water Heaters May or May Not Have Tanks

Not all water heaters have tanks. Many different models have different features, including some that are tankless. Tankless heaters essentially provide hot water on demand, as opposed to tank heaters that use the storage method. Both types have their advantages.

Boilers Have Many Advantages

By choosing a boiler, you have a system that can be used for hot water and also produces steam. The steam can also be used for heating your home so you can receive dual benefits for your home. You can even use the steam to clean your floors, carpets, and more.

Boilers Can Run on Many Different Kinds of Fuel

While most boilers run on gas, check us out as there are many alternatives. A few alternatives include oil and even wood.

Pick a Water Heater Based on its Efficiency Rating

One of the best ways to determine which water heater system is best for your home is by considering the efficiency rating. There is an efficiency rating for every model. The higher the rating, the better it is for energy conservation. For more information about hot water boilers in Westfield, NJ.

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