How to Find Top General Contractors In Jacksonville, Florida

How to Find Top General Contractors In Jacksonville, Florida

Need to find a general contractor for a renovation job? Check out these expert tips for finding the top general contractors in Jacksonville for jobs big or small.

Start with a Plan

Homeowners must have a general idea of what they want before hiring a contractor. Professionals give more accurate estimates when homeowners know what they want.

Have a Realistic Timeframe

There are plenty of contractors that can do a rush job, but no one wants a half-baked renovation. Homeowners looking for the best contractors in the area must be realistic about timeframes. Contractors schedule out months in advance, and depending on the job, can take several months to finish a project.

When searching for a contractor, don’t choose a contractor based on availability only. Consider their reputation. If the contractor is well-known and has a great professional reputation in the community, their availability is going to reflect this.

Check Litigation History

When researching contractors, it’s important to check credentials such as licensing and insurance, but it’s equally important to check their litigation history. Has the contractor been taken to court? Do they have a history of having lawsuits filed against them? Look for a contractor with a clean litigation record and a long-standing reputation for doing great work in the community.

With so many contractors in northern Florida, homeowners need to do their research. Learning as much about a contractor’s reputation as possible gives one peace of mind that the job will go as planned. To work with top general contractors in Jacksonville with over 50 years of experience, check out Live Oak Contracting online at

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