How to Maintain an Iron Fence in Moreno Valley

There are many compelling reasons to install iron fencing. Decorative iron fences are beautiful, secure, durable, and relatively easy to maintain, but that doesn’t mean they require no care at all. Read on to find some tips for maintaining an Iron Fence Moreno Valley residents can use to ensure the longevity of their fences and gates.

Control Vegetation

Iron fences pair well with shrubs and hedges, but only if homeowners keep their growth under control. If plants grow too close to the fence, it may cause trouble. Not only can large shrubs or climbing plants cause fencing to move over time, but vegetation immediately surrounding the fence will increase wear and tear to the paint by creating excess moisture.

Don’t take out every plant within a ten-foot radius of the fence. Just keep them well-trimmed, especially if the fence hasn’t been waterproofed or repainted recently.

Remove Rust

If rust has already formed on the fence, homeowners can remove it using a fine wire brush. After rinsing off the residue, let the fence dry, then apply a phosphoric-acid-based or tannic-acid-based rust converter. This will reduce the chances of more rust forming.

Paint as Needed

Homeowners shouldn’t have to paint their iron fences very often. When the current paint starts to peel, just apply a thin coat of oil-based primer designed for use on metal, then once it’s dry, cover it with oil-based paint. Homeowners can increase the longevity of their paint jobs by cleaning their fences with soap and water twice a year and applying a metal-grade wax to areas exposed to sprinklers.

Make Repairs Immediately

While most minor, cosmetic rust is easy enough to remove and paint over, serious rust can destroy entire sections of iron fencing. Have them replaced and have the fence re-welded by a professional as soon as possible. It’s always best to find a contractor to repair the Iron Fence Moreno Valley homeowners can trust, so look for someone with plenty of experience and expertise.

Learn More Today

Whether they’re looking to install a new fence or repair an old one, homeowners can trust Mesa Fence Company to provide professional service and high-quality results.

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