Rome Honeymoons Are Incredibly Romantic

Rome Honeymoons Are Incredibly Romantic

Rome, the city of passion, just begs for honeymooners to take their first vacation there together. Whether you and your new spouse are history buffs, art fanatics or you simply love to be together where love is in the air, a honeymoon in Rome is perfect for you. The large city is located on the western coast and rich with history, art and amazing architecture everywhere you look. Rome honeymoons are the perfect vacation for newlyweds of all ages.


Rome, the city of love, is also rich with amazing activities for the honeymooners to take part in. There are certain sites that must be seen while traveling in Rome. For a romantic trip that involves a large part of Italian history, visit the Coliseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus. For sightseeing pleasure, honeymooners should also visit the Trevi Fountain (and make sure to toss a coin in), the Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona.


Everywhere you look in Rome there are chances for exquisite shopping opportunities. If you go up the Spanish Steps, you will be surrounded by gorgeous boutiques where you can purchase the latest Italian fashions or simply walk hand in hand, window shopping and learning more about the Italian culture. Aside from fashion, you will also find exquisite Italian leather items, stationary and perfume.


Anyone who travels to Rome expects to eat like a king. You will find small, quaint cafes, as well as large family-owned restaurants. What you will not find is large chain restaurants. Each visit to a new restaurant will be a unique experience for you and your new spouse to enjoy together. A few of the items you must try while in Rome include authentic Italian cappuccino, as well as gelato and of course, Italian wine.

Much of the food you will find in Rome will be familiar, but there is plenty for the daring couple to try as well. You will find traditional pasta dishes, as well as those that are not found in the United States. In addition to pasta dishes, you will find seafood dishes in most of the restaurants you visit, as well as a wide variety of pizzerias to give you an entirely new view of what pizza should be like.

Rome honeymoons provide the perfect mixture of love, history, art and food. Newlyweds will find the perfect combination of sightseeing and relaxing. There is no pressure or stress while in Rome; everything is laid back and serene. Walk hand in hand through all the amazing architecture in Rome, then enjoy a delectable dining experience together, giving you and your new spouse an amazing trip to remember forever.

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