Pet Health: Pet Oral Care In Fairfax Station VA

Pets have been a key part of the family for generations and some would argue centuries to thousands of years. These furry creatures have had a huge impact on how humans live their day to day lives. In today’s world, the role of pets has changed completely. Pets are known as a beloved member of families everywhere and their health is just as important as anyone else’s.

One of the most common problems for pets is oral hygiene. Many sicknesses can develop when a pet’s oral hygiene is not cared for. If a pet of yours or someone you know is suffering from poor dental hygiene or simply is needing a cleaning, Crosspointe Animal Hospital can help. Pet Oral Care in Fairfax Station VA is a top priority as it should be for all pet owners.

Some studies show that pets with regular dental care could live an average of two years longer than those animals whose owners do not make the effort to take care of their pet’s teeth. The reason for this is that, just like humans, there is a distinct link between poor dental health and the development of a range of chronic and sometimes very serious health conditions.

Periodontal disease is a condition that can affect humans as well as animals. However, in domestic cats and dogs, it is the single most common dental problem and affects the vast majority of them to some degree before they reach three years of age. It is also irreversible, meaning that you should do everything you can to prevent it from occurring. In the early stages, the symptoms of periodontal disease are easy to ignore. However, as they progress they can have a much more significant effect, causing severe pain and even tooth loss.

A pet’s health is unmistakably important. Other services offered besides dental care are diagnostics, surgery, flea and tick prevention, boarding and vaccinations. Don’t wait for the bacteria to strike the pet’s health. Be proactive and contact Pet Oral Care in Fairfax Station VA as soon as possible to keep up to date with all things that a responsible pet owner should. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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