The Different Types of Personalized Wedding Fans

The Different Types of Personalized Wedding Fans

If you have decided to use personalized wedding fans as a gift to your guests for attending your wedding, you have chosen to give them something out of the ordinary. These fans will likely come in handy for some people as the night goes on, as well as after your wedding. However, when it comes to these folding fans, you will have even more choices to make once you decide to use them.

One of the most common forms of these fans is made from paper. These paper fans are just as functional as any other type and often cost much less. This can allow you to keep your wedding favor budget low. They come in a wide array of colors so you can choose the one that best matches your wedding theme. The only thing to keep in mind is that these paper fans can easily break so you will probably want to purchase extras.

Another option is to purchase fans made from fabric, such as silk. These personalized wedding fans are a bit more expensive than the paper ones, but they are more elegant. You may not have as many choices of colors, but your guests will appreciate having a fan that won’t break easily. If your wedding takes place on a summer evening or is a classier affair, a silk fan is a much better option than a paper one.

If you want to give your guests gifts that will last a much longer time, you may want to choose fans that are made of wooden slats instead of fabric or paper. These wooden wedding fans will provide your guests with the same functionality of the other types of folding fans with a completely different look. In addition, the fans will be far less destructible. They make great decorations or fans, whichever you and your guests decide to use them for.

Personalized wedding fans make great gifts for your guests. Unlike many other favors guests receive at weddings, the fans will give them something they can use right away and later. Whether you choose to buy fans made from paper, silk or wood, your guests will appreciate having something to use to cool down if things get a little stuffy at your reception. They can then take them home and set them out for show or use them at home or anywhere else they may need a fan.

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