Shuffleboard Court Construction is Fun for All Ages

Shuffleboard Court Construction is Fun for All Ages

Shuffleboard is quickly becoming a popular game for people of all ages in all areas of the United States. This recreational game is played with paddles that are used to push discs down the court into the scoring area. Even though shuffleboard is a non-strenuous activity that used to be only for seniors, it is a great game for people of any age to play together, regardless of ability. An especially great way for families to spend time together, shuffleboard court construction can be done right in your own backyard for your own family or entertaining fun.

The regulation size for a shuffleboard court is 6’ wide by 52’ long, which is smaller than a tennis court but does take up a considerable amount of room. Whether you will have shuffleboard court construction done at home or at a common place, such as a recreational park in your neighborhood or business, it is a great game to get people together to have fun in a non-strenuous way. Shuffleboard is easy to learn and can be adapted for the young or old so everyone can join in on the fun. Shuffleboard allows the community to come together in ways it could not with many other games.

The basics of shuffleboard include four discs on each side of the board. The idea is to push the discs to the other end of the board with your long-handled paddle so there is no bending or stooping required. While this is not a difficult game to play, it can get competitive when everyone plays by the rules and keeps their foot from going over the shuffleboard line, pushing the disc smoothly with the paddle. When you have shuffleboard court construction done, ensure that it is done on a smooth surface with a minimal slope so the field is even and fair for everyone playing.

While shuffleboard can be played just about anywhere, it is most fun when played outdoors, especially in the summer time. Having shuffleboard court construction done at your home or place of business allows for a regulation size board to be used, which allows for the most fun and competition for everyone playing. Shuffleboard is a game that anyone can participate in without any skill or previous knowledge of the game, making it a great option for entertaining or for families who like to do recreational activities together.

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