Whale Watching Expeditions in the Monterey Bay, California Area

Whale Watching Expeditions in the Monterey Bay, California Area

Going out on the water to look for whales is an awe-inspiring excursion. There are few places in the world that are more suited to this activity than Monterey Bay in CA. In addition to being a key location along migration routes for mother whales and their children as they journey up the coast, Monterey Bay is also centrally located for hotels, restaurants, and lots of other nearby activities. That makes it the perfect place for whale watching for out of state tourists and locals alike.

It’s important to find the right company to take you out on the water. Experience is one of the most important factors in a whale watching trip. The captain, guides, and crew need to know exactly what they are doing to maximize your chances of seeing whales without causing any distress to the animals or the environment. You should also check to see how the company describes their services. Make sure they make it clear what kind of species they expect to see and that they understand the habits and migratory patterns of various whales during the Monterey Bay whale watching season. That also applies to anything else that the expedition might see while on the water, like sharks.

Do some research before committing to a company for the Monterey Bay whale watching season. Check out Sea Goddess Whale Watch for a great option to see various whale species in the Monterey Bay area and to have a great time on the water off the coast.

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