What Is Covered by Property Insurance in Shillington, PA

What Is Covered by Property Insurance in Shillington, PA

Most people don’t know very much about property insurance in Shillington, PA; they just know they need it in order to have a mortgage. They don’t know how a policy can protect them, and they don’t know what to do when the policy won’t cover damages. The average property insurance policy includes dozens of choices, and customers ultimately determine the level of coverage they have.

Dwelling Coverage

In an insurance policy, a dwelling is the home itself, including attached structures such as garages. The limit on the policy’s declarations page indicates the maximum amount the insurer will pay to replace the home if it’s destroyed in a disaster. An insurance agent can give a homeowner an accurate estimate of what it would take to replace the home, and they can adjust coverage accordingly.

Other Buildings

Common structures included in property insurance in Shillington, PA are detached garages, sheds, pool houses and barns. These structures have their own coverage limits, which are usually less than the total dwelling limit. That’s enough coverage for most people, but an insurance agent can evaluate a customer’s situation and their needs to recommend a policy with sufficient coverage.

Personal Property

“Personal property” is everything such as electronics, appliances and furniture – that has its separate limit on the policy’s declarations page. The amount listed there is the most an insurer will pay to replace destroyed property. Most policies offer about 75% of the dwelling limit, but customers can buy more coverage if they choose to do so.

Loss of Use

If a home is damaged and unlivable while repairs are made, the homeowner may have to rent a temporary home while still paying a mortgage. Loss of use coverage pays these extra expenses; the declarations page may have either a time or a damage limit. Homeowners should carefully read their policy documents to see how much coverage they have.

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance pays damages if a homeowner is sued for injuries related to a covered loss. Most think of slip-and-fall injuries and dog bites, but liability coverage extends beyond that. For instance, some insurance policies can protect those who are involved in accidents in public places. Liability coverage from Anderson Insurance Brokers is meant to protect people’s assets, and customers should have coverage equal to or greater than their personal worth. You can visit Andersonbrokers.com for more information.