When Do You Need A Trip To The Emergency Vet

Sicknesses don’t occur with seasons, date or time. They don’t inform before they actually happen. It’s the same with your pets. Most of us who have pets at home would know how often they tend to fall sick. Adopting a pet at home is not all. The most important thing is to tend to them. Looking after them is a huge responsibility, and you as a pet lover would surely do everything you can to give them the best. After all they are like your children. Other than the regular check-ups and taking them to the doctors when need be, you need to also ensure that the clinic or hospital where you take your pet for treatment runs 24 hours so that in an emergency you don’t have to worry about looking for an emergency vet!

But before that you need to have knowledge about the times when you are actually required to rush for emergency vet service.  Not all sicknesses demand you to rush to the hospital. But there are some problems which need to be looked into immediately.  Here are some of the pet ailments that need to to take them to the emergency vet service:

1.       Breathing difficulty:  This happens to animals who have grown quite old and yet surviving. But in many cases difficulty in breathing can be due to heart problems. If you see that things are really getting out of hand then you need to rush for emergency vet service.

2.       Abdominal pain:  Unknown pain in the abdomen is not a good sign. It can result from some kind of food, indigestion, or may be something that your pet might have swallowed while paying. The pain can be caused due to something else too, which you wouldn’t know. So rush for the emergency service.

3.       Accidents: Isn’t it obvious? Any accident can be fatal when it comes to pets. Make sure, you take them to the emergency pet service. Even if you see no external injuries, it is still important for you to get it checked, because you never know if there is any internal injury occurring.

4.       Seizures: If you see that your pet is having convulsions rush to the hospital without waiting. It could result to epilepsy, brain tumors or poisoning.

Animals can’t talk and therefore can’t express. You need to understand their needs. Looking for an emergency vet service, Orange County pet owners must keep the above points in mind.



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