Why Landlords Should Consider a PTAC Heat Pump

Why Landlords Should Consider a PTAC Heat Pump

4531626_mIf you’re a landlord, you know that ensuring climate control availability inside your units is key. If you’re renting in a climate where the weather is especially hot in the summer and quite chilly in the winter, you probably won’t get away with renting the unit without an air conditioning option for those warm summer months. If you want to roll heating and air conditioning options into one, why not consider a PTAC heat pump? This cost-efficient option is very popular in the apartment and hotel industry – and for good reason!

What is PTAC?
PTAC stands for “packaged terminal air conditioner”. When you’re dealing with a PTAC heat pump, this simply means that the unit is also able to heat the space by reversing its process. While it’s not a go-to solution for heating an entire apartment, these units are great for bedrooms or even studio apartments where climate control is most important in one central area. Often, you will see PTAC units inside hotel rooms near the window. They are popular in the hospitality industry due to their cost and practicality.

No Fuss
One of the other main reasons that so many landlords and hotel maintenance managers are partial to these units as opposed to traditional HVAC systems is that they are much easier to maintain. Instead of fussing with calling an HVAC expert to inspect and repair the problem, having a back-up PTAC unit on hand will allow for a quick and easy replacement with minimal downtime for your resident. It’s a system that truly benefits everyone involved!

Simplify Your Responsibilities
As a landlord, the fewer things you have to fix, the better. Not only are PTAC units easy to install, but they’re easy to replace when they’ve reached the end of their lifespan, as well. Consult with a professional to determine which PTAC unit is right for you and whether or not you need the heat pump option added. By doing so, you could end up saving yourself thousands of dollars in costly traditional HVAC bills down the road. Make the smart choice and talk to your local HVAC supplier today about installing a PTAC unit!

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